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Kris's Computers offers a repair service for many parts of a PC or Laptop.  When they go wrong it doesn't necessarily mean you have to fork out for a new one, it can just be a part that needs fixing or replacing.


* Do you have problems with missing keys or sticky keys on your keyboard?  It may not mean you have to have a new one, it could simply require a clean or parts replacing.


* Do you have a problem charging your battery?  It may just need a new battery or dc jack lead.


* Does your screen flicker, comes and goes or has lines?  It may just need a new screen.


* Do you have a game that won't load or a photo or video that won't appear on the screen?  Then it could just mean you need a graphics card.


* Do you have a slow running computer or takes a while for it to log on?  It may just need a health check or a memory upgrade.


* Do you have pop ups, anti virus alerts or a slow running machine?  It may just need a virus or spyware removing or a anti virus package applying.


These are just a few of the many common problems that can occur and Kris's computers can solve these and many other problems.


At Kris's computers we look at the bigger picture and look at what the real problem is. When laptops and PC's go wrong, it doesn't mean a new one is needed,  it can simply be a small repair job or a small part replacing.


Kris's computers can do all kind of repairs including screens, keyboards, dc jack leads, graphics card, software, hardware, fans and many more.  Talk to Kris's computers for more details.



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